Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fort Collins is GOLD

Wow, check this!

On another note, Peter's bike is done and I am happy how it all turned out.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Our trip to Crested Butte was a very pleasant one, we did some bike rides and chilled out playing Monopoly at night by the wood fire. The scenery there cannot be beat and I have attached a few memorable shots here.

Another impressive encounter was during our first day driving out to Salida. We stopped at the Safeway at Frisco for a break and some lunch and met a couple that inspires me much. I first saw Scott and Paulie right before we turned into the Safeway store, they were riding their bikes across the road. I noticed that they were older, and did not pay further attention. While we were enjoying our lunch, they returned, only after about 20 minutes. They actually stopped right next to us and this time I noticed Scott's bike has a bike rack at the back and was carrying an oxygen tank. It is connected directly to his nostrils. I was impressed and inspired at the same time, here we were at about 9000 feet altitude and this older gentleman is riding his bike despite the fact that he was using oxygen support. He told us he had been to Alaska this past summer and was advised by his doctor to use the oxygen for a while to acclimatise. Whatever the reason, it shows me that there are a lot of hardships in life but we sometimes make it bigger than it is. Here is a picture of Scott and Paulie.

Monday, September 1, 2008

650b rocks

The past few weeks I was working on a new 650b mtb and was quite happy with the result. This is built for myself and also for a bit of front end testing / experimentation. The pictures here shows a rigid fork from an earlier 29er, and an old Psylo XC fork is also ready for test in the near future.

A quick build into a single speed before paint promises the instant gratification in me and a test ride was had at Lory State Park the next day. The bike feels great, and there is no complain so far.

Leigh and I had a very nice long weekend, and I am ready to start building the next bike. A cross bike for Peter. I think this will help him in his college career and give him a foundation to win some races. Pictures to follow on Flickr for sure.

This is the best time of the year here and we are taking a short trip to Crested Butte in a week. Can't wait.