Monday, February 21, 2011

Week of NAHBS

The show is drawing so close, I am feeling the jitters.

Here is a pre show interview I had with Bike Rumor and a clip of one of my recent brazing session.

I hope to see you there, my booth number is 414.


Austin, finally!

Well, it is finally time for the show. It had been a busy week of final preparation. Booth is set to go in the morning.

Please check out the bikes that will be in my booth.

A randonneur with integrated bag and front rack, key feature - no decaleur needed!

A city bike, Tom's Frederick Rambler, that is the companion to last year's double award winning Sunflower bike, it has some similar features, but the kicker is a transformable front rack. It goes from Porteur to Lowrider in a couple of minutes. Here is a clip showing how.

Lastly, a bilam construction mountain bike with a fat front (3.7" front tire), matt and glossy black finish was a very hard paint job to pull off, but here it is.
I hope you enjoy them.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

new YiPsan T shirts

Arrival of new YiPsan T-shirts, now on a better shirt. American Apparel, made in the USA, shirts are chosen as the base. Color available is Brown and Asphalt Grey. Graphic print color is lime green.

The brown color shirt we had in the last run was very well received, and so this new batch with a better shirt is a very nice update. If you are interested to reserve yours before we bring them to NAHBS, please send me an email, or visit my web page here to shop online.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Steerer brazing

A new clip of me brazing a fork crown to a steerer, from my POV.

Brazing a fork crown POV - YiPsan from YiPsan on Vimeo.

Other notes, still preparing for NAHBS, one frame is still at paint, but should be just in time for show. We are getting other items ready for show time, among them, new shirts! Come back in a couple of days to check them out as they should arrive real soon.