Monday, November 3, 2008

Rocky Mountain Bike Show

This past weekend, I was showing a few bikes at the 1st annual Rocky Mountain Bike Show. Turnout was pretty good despite the super nice weather. Having shown at Portland last Feb, a local / regional show felt very home like. Most showgoers are from towns along the front range of the Rockies and Colorado being a state popular for cycling, I got to meet a lot of bike nuts.

Apparently, I was the only builder showing a 650b mountain bike and most were very interested to see the semi-translucent finish with the swirl pattern underneath.

Roger's 650b all road bike also received lots of attention, the bike is now in a box ready for its trip out east. I hope Roger will enjoy his new ride and show his bike off to fellow east coast riders.

I am currently working on a special bike, but I will not be updating build pictures for now. It is a special gift from Alex and I think it is best to unveil the bike when it is all ready. So, there may be no new pictures for a little bit, but it will not be too long.