Thursday, March 5, 2009

The show of the year

Wow, the Indy show was great. The showgoers, the volunteers, the exhibiting builders and vendors, they have all been wonderful. I met some new people and also caught up with others that I pretty much only see during this show.

It has been quite a week, driving 1200 miles one way to Indy, spent 4 days there and drive back. One of the cool thing was meeting Tom there, where he sees his new bike live for the first time.

If you have not seen the bikes I exhibited, check it here. Urban Velo also took some nice pictures as well. And they did a short interview with many builders and just uploaded it as a podcast. I appear around 10:50 if you do not want to listen to everything.

We got back home on Tuesday, but I am only just getting back to my routine. I guess I am getting old. I will have more to write about the show and what is happening in the shop soon.

Cheers for now.