Thursday, March 4, 2010

NAHBS 2010

NAHBS 2010 had come and gone, it was a very quick week for me. We left Colorado early on 2/24 to attend an event at The Bicycle Escape where I got to meet local bike enthusiasts and some of my customers. It was a great event, lots of cool cyclists and lots of delicious treat too.

The next day, we packed up our rental van and headed down to Richmond, VA to set up our show booth. Timing and weather all worked very well, although setup took us a bit longer than expected. We were both hungry and grumpy after a long day and decided to just eat at the restaurant at the hotel. And this changed the mood of the evening, we bumped into Roger (the man who truly runs TBE : ) and Ann at the restaurant and ended up eating together and having great conversations.

Then the 3 days of show happened in a blur. Lots of great conversations with showgoers, exhibitors, fellow frame builders whom we only get to meet and talk face to face once a year during this event. Again, it took us a while to pack up and leave town. We had some dinner along the way and drove back to MD where a friend was housing us for a couple of nights so we can drop off the 2 bikes that belong to customers and 1 demo. The rest of the things were packed and shipped on Monday.

We flew home on Tuesday and were re-united with Lucky who was expressing some upset from our disappearance. I am still very stoked to have won 2 awards at the show. The story of the Sunflower bike will live on forever and holds a special place in my heart.