Friday, October 15, 2010

Does my shop need a makeover?

This past summer, I was lucky to have a few cycling visitors who stopped by to chat and check out my shop, it was really nice to be visited at my cave.

You know, I spend most of my time in my shop, which is home based, and do not get to talk with others at length very often. So, the opportunity is great. Some bike talk, some life talk and whatever that happens to come across our mind.

However, I start to worry if my shop is too bland. There is nothing interesting to see. I use mostly hand tools, hacksaw, files, vise, and some drill bits with a hand held power drill. There is really nothing impressive. No lathe, mill or special device for a special process. The only somewhat interesting device is the jig, but it is a static device, no belts or sprockets or any moving mechanism.

Plus all the domestic distractions that is sharing the other half of my shop (garage) is just not helping.

I need to think of something to dress up the shop and maybe do an open house one day. Any suggestions?

Here is a picture of a bilam mtb in progress. Have a good weekend.