Friday, March 4, 2011

How was Austin?

Wow, what a show! The mad rush to get ready for the show was only followed by a whirl wind of a week full of activities. Fortunately, Leigh and I got to relax a bit in Austin before we hop in the car to come home.
Where do I begin? The show was exciting as always, to get to meet a lot of customers, fello
w builders, and enthusiast cyclists all in a long weekend's time. Such meetings are treasured as it is a big contrast to the rest of the year where I work in my shop, quite separated from the rest of the world other than the electronic communications. Getting to speak direct and have hand shakes are very tangible. Of course, being able to share the features of the bikes that I brought is the icing. A bike is after all a
physical object, no amount of flickr, vimeo or forum talk will translate it quite as real as to see and touch it in person. Thank you for coming to the show, thank you for stopping by to chat in my booth, and thank you volunteers for helping to make the show happen.

BTW, we stayed at a very nice home in Austin, an
d this helps make the week there so much more comfortable. Thank you, Berit.

For those who cannot make this trip. Here are a few shots, and check my flickr / vimeo for the bikes that was in the booth. I will update some clips I took during the weekend soon, stay tuned.