Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A wonderful tool

A while back, my friend's father passed away and had left behind some tools for him. It took him some time to go through quite a quantity of tools that he inherited and realized he now has multiples of certain tools. The drill pictured above is one of them.

Knowing that I use various hand tools building bikes, he offered me a selection of such tools for free. I appreciated such a nice gesture and took a few of them. The drill is now on my workbench with a drill bit mounted and ready at all times. This is an older drill but it feels a lot more solid in the hand, and the control is of higher quality than the one I have for the past 8 years.

However, what I feel special about this drill is that it had so much history behind it. I do not know any of it, but I can see from its cosmetic condition that it had gone through quite a bit already. It is interesting to imagine what it might have achieved in its previous hands. I look forward to using it and add to its history; and wonder if one day someone will be riding one of my bikes and wonder about how it is made and where it had been to.