Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall and a new style

Fall has been great here and I hope you are enjoying yours too.

We have just received our new style shirt, I hope you like it.

Some may recognize the resemblance to a certain iconic bicycle tubing label and asks what is the story behind. Well, it has been a while since I have the idea and finally it is done. This is my interpretation to their iconic label with a lot of self-centric twists. Now, if big bike tubing will hold off their law suit it would be highly appreciated.

Here is the story behind this shirt. I am sure the first thing most of you will notice would be the name above the numbers. It is very similar to bike tubing company's name and some of you would know that is my first name, and the story behind my first name too. So, that one is pretty simple to see. Now, why would it be 852, a seeming one digit difference to the iconic label? 852, is the area code of where I was born. If you don't know where that is, look it up, it is a wonderful place and maybe schedule a visit too. Lastly, instead of the wonderful tech details of that bike tubing, I have the wordings changed to represent my handmade bikes and my shop location. This shirt brings me a smile for my self absorbed cheekiness and I hope you enjoy it too. And maybe one day I will name my own custom blend of tubing with this too.

To continue from my other shirts, I have chosen to print them on American Apparel base shirts. 100% cotton. Size from small all the way to 2XL. Well, only a few 2XL are left. Get yours here.

RENOLD 852 t-shirt