Wednesday, January 23, 2008

SS Cross test ride

Well, it is actually not much of a test ride. It was quite cold and a bit windy today, but I thought if I do not go out today, I might be too busy to go in the upcoming 2 weeks leading to NAHBS (North American Handmade Bike Show).
So I waited for pretty much the warmest time of the day and headed out, it was good fun rolling on the bike path towards Pineridge (my intended test route) but once I hit dirt I realized the light coat of snow from Monday was hiding a thick sheet of ice. I thought I would give it a go but a couple of skid and fall, I was ready to turn back.  Traction was nowhere to be found  with my 35c cross tread and even short downhill coming back prove tricky. I got off the bike at one point but even my winter shoes were not able to provide much foothold. 
I wonder if my 650B x 41.5c sucker cup tired bike might do better.
So, I instead rode on the pave trail for a bit. I guess I will have to ask someone else to help on the test ride!