Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thoughts from snowshoeing

Last weekend, I went snowshoeing with our neighbors and had a very good time. The snow covered trails with tall pines on both sides were a nice break from city views. It adds to the effect that it was mostly snowing the whole time we were hiking. More pictures here.
This weather however highlights the fact that the gear that I used during the trip was really not up to the task. We moved to Colorado for only 1.5 yrs and I did not have the kind of gear for the high country in the winter. Sure the experience is what counts, but when snow started gradually soaking through and getting to your skin, it puts a damper to your enjoyment. This resonates with my sometimes cheap bike components purchase thinking that I only need something basic and ultimately paid the price of being cheap! Well, I swear I will not do this to myself again. How about you?