Monday, February 11, 2008

NAHBS Post show review

NAHBS came and gone with the blink of an eye. It was a fast 3 days for me, a first time exhibitor. The fine folks at Portland did not just show us how much they love custom handmade bicycles, they also showed us their hospitality, it was impressive.
Before I go on, I would just like to thank the staff of Chris King, for helping out all the exhibitors. In fact I was the last exhibitor to leave the hall last night. I was slow in packing up my 4 bikes and caused 2 of King's staff to wait until almost 9pm to pick them up to head back to their warehouse pending shipping today. Thanks again. Portland rocks.
As for YiPsan Bicycles, it was a very positive event for us. Lots of excitement and compliment for the 650B mtb and the Firecracker fixed gear. My stems also have received lots of demand and I explained to most who noticed them that a nice stem completes the package for a custom bike.
Thank you also goes to cyclelicious, 650B Palace and for coverage. I am sure I missed some, so forgive me if I do, and check back for new update as I get up to speed in the next few days.
Withdrawal symptoms are kicking in and I am feeling the impact of lack of sleep, talking too much, laughing too hard and trying to memorize all the names of the nice people I met the last 3 days. Congrats also to Black Sheep Bicycles for winning the best Ti bike award, fine folks from Fort Collins, CO, my fellow neighbors.
I am now waiting for my flight home and excited and ready to get in my shop and get some new frames made. For those who are near Frederick, MD, and did not come to NAHBS; the Firecracker fixed gear and my personal road bike are on its way to TBE for show / light demo and I am sure Tom would welcome you to stop by to check them out.