Friday, February 22, 2008

riding the 650b mtb

The weather had been nice the last few days although it is still wet and a bit muddy at places, I took the 650B mountain bike out for a couple of rides. As compared to my 29er it feels to have a lot less to deal with, especially around tight switchbacks and muddy spots. It goes around corners very naturally and hold its line very well, turn in on this bike is quick with a 72deg head angle mixing with the F29, G2 (51mm rake) fork. I think I would enjoy tight singletracks on this bike much more than a 29er.

Although it does not eat up obstacles as easily as a 29er (the difference is not big), it is a very good medium between 26er and 29er, plus going back to what I mentioned before, this wheel / tire size is simply a much better equipment choice for certain riders, when combined with a properly designed frame.

The neo-moto rides nice with its big volume, I played with tire pressure for quite a few different settings and was happy to stay with relatively lower pressure. I believe the velocity blunt rim also helped to provide a wide footprint but not create easy snakebites. I bottom out the front tire a few times on sharp rocks but did not get a flat.

All in all, I really enjoyed the last couple of rides, but of course, will test it out further to see what needs improvement.